I just became a Palmera Resorts owner. How do I book my reservation for next year?

Enrollment with RCI (Resort Condominiums International) is a very detailed process. Your purchase information, point schedules and many other important specifics are prepared prior to you receiving your RCI card. Once you receive your RCI card (within 90 days from your purchase date), you are ready to begin enjoying a lifetime of memorable vacations. Prior to you receiving your card, RCI will not have your membership information).

We know that you may want to schedule some travel prior to RCI activating your account. Therefore, we have two special options that are offered to ONLY Palmera Resorts owners:

1) Quest Travel Club:

This is a special program designed for Palmera Resorts owners and we believe this is going to be one of your favorite benefits. The program features travel opportunities that cannot be found anywhere on the web, or offered by any travel agent. Simply contact customer service at (866) 610-4124, indicate that you are a new owner with Palmera Resorts and that you have not yet received any of your cards or pass codes. They will gladly assist you.

2) The Palmera Resorts Developer Week Program:

We have made a number of exclusive Hilton Head Island condominiums available to our owners, even if they have already used their week or points this year. This program is only available to Palmera Resorts owners and is not a rental program. It is an internal booking benefit that allows you to stay in one of our Hilton Head Island condominiums for simply the price of its prevailing maintenance fee. Condominiums are available year round, on a “limited space available” basis. In order to reserve your stay, contact us at the following:

Email – OwnerServices@PalmeraResorts.com

Developer Week Hotline (Toll Free) – (866) 610-9335